Monday, December 18, 2017


When I was born how did they know I had CF?  My birth story is a little bit crazy & rather lengthy so in a condensed version....I was born with 'meconoum ileus'- I did not pass the black tar-like poop. In fact I did not have any type of bowel movement for over a week. As you can see in the photo, I was born with a swollen stomach and frail, tiny limbs. I also had the tube in my mouth to suck out all fluids from my stomach until I had a movement (they didn't want anything else getting backed up in my intestines). I had an IV in to keep me hydrated. I was moved to the ICU for a week & eventually had my movement. I refused to eat & a feeding tube was placed in my nose so I could get the necessary nutrients. I was then moved to a different level of critical care for another week. Every test in the book was being run but they all were coming back negative or normal. Everybody was baffled because they couldn't figure out what was wrong. The doctors had told my parents I wasn't going to live past the first few days, but I was still here so I must be a fighter! They had no idea who they were dealing with. ;) One day my Ma was holding me & kissed my cheek, "Oh, that tasted salty!" She said in passing & to no one in particular. One of the blessed, angel nurses with bionic ears, overheard my Mom & asked her to repeat what she had just said. The nurse went & grabbed my Dr. and told him they needed to run a "sweat test" on me. (One of the two tests that determine cystic fibrosis). They immediately began treating me as if I had CF. I started to improve & began to stabilize. At six weeks the "sweat test" was run, came back positive & I was officially diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

How did I get CF? It's a genetic mutation...too bad it doesn't give me super powers like the x-men. One mutation must come from the Mother & the Father. Many people carry this gene mutation unknowingly. My parents did not know they were carriers until I was born. I will always pass the CF gene to my children & they will all be carriers of the CF gene. If Ric does NOT carry the CF gene, NONE of our kids will have the disease, but all of them will be carriers. If Ric IS a carrier of the CF gene, then there is a 75% chance our kids will have Cystic Fibrosis. Either way, we will be happy.  Yes, we all hope for & pray for healthy babies BUT if ours do have CF it's okay. I've had a beautiful, blessed life that has included CF. Living with CF has taught me SO many life lessons at an early age & some lessons that I simply may never have learned without this experience. God knows what he is doing, even if we don't quite understand it. 


Friday, December 8, 2017


The Gem Studio - it's the smallest little treasure, with the very biggest heart.

Located in Provo, UT they reach far beyond those boundaries. I was seriously stoked when I found out about them. I flew up from Arizona (no, I wan't paid) to get behind what they were doing and participate.

Mat is a man with heart. A heart of gold, a heart of compassion. His compassion began years ago when he worked doing wilderness therapy and outdoor behavioral care, at the non-profit Anasazi Foundation. His love of Native Americans, their jewelry, and culture quickly followed.

Mat began making his own turquoise jewelry during college. Word spread of his skills and intrigued others to stop by and see what he was doing. He began teaching the art of silversmithing - on his bedroom floor - to friends, neighbors and strangers alike. Fast forward and the idea of The Gem Studio, became more than an idea. As his first project in construction HE renovated an old grungy garage, and, turned it into a beautiful, quaint silversmithing studio.

Keeping up with his charitable reputation, three years ago Mat founded and built an orphanage in Uganda. He teaches people how to save money and start small businesses.  To practice what he preaches; profits from The Gem Studio go to the orphanage to fund the classes, uniforms, supplies, water, food, etcetera. How inspiring is The Gem Studio mantra; "Learn a skill  //  Build an orphanage." 

Click here to see the video

ANYWAY, I had a GNO with my friend Lexi, and we spent the evening crafting our rings with Mat. Not only did WE have a fun time, Mat and Jake are awesome instructors and totally make you feel 100% capable of doing an extreme DIY on your first try. They are there to guide every step & answer each question (or 1,000 questions 😜). They really want YOU to do it all and feel proud. I'd be lying if I said I didn't walk out with a big grin and giving myself a pat on the back --  if you know me, you KNOW I ain't no 'Pinterest Mom' or crafter. I've always thought, 'why make it, if I can buy it?' 
But this, THIS, is so different. I had the time of my life.

I created a silver ring with turquoise stone, while Lexi crafted a brass with turquoise.

Ladies schedule this for your next GNO, or birthday bash. I also couldn't help thinking how fun this would be for a bachelorette party, or a bonding experience with your sibling, in-laws, or that new friend you met.

Men, this isn't just for women. I saw some dope men's rings constructed, and Ric's response when I came home, "That's sick! I want to go make something." This is the perfect date night for that special someone you've been wanting to impress. If a ring ain't yo thang -- make yourself a hip bolo tie or duplicate Ric's idea; make a belt buckle 😎 ....maybe I really should have taken Ric for our date night?

DM @the.gemstudio on instagram to book a slot and enjoy the process of creativity during your intimate 'custom ring making session'.

Xx, M

Saturday, December 2, 2017


My parents went and served an eighteen month mission in Hamilton, New Zealand. They lived at Camp Tuhikaramea, they took care of 42 acres of land, planted over 5,000 trees, and hosted up to 400+ campers at a time. Camp Tuhikaramea was created as a place for the Spirit to be felt while people provided service to the land, spent time with their families/friends, and for a place to stay when coming to worship at the Temple.

My parents loved their mission and met many, incredible people that have come into our lives.   
We are grateful for their service and example, but SO glad to have them back home.

They've been back for five months now and Hawke and I have seen them twice a month - when you live in separate states, that's really quite a feat. I wanted to share their homecoming video on here. It's very special to me, and when something is good, you want to tell the whole world about it!

(Click the image below to start video)

 This video was created for our family by Keltson Howell, to help us remember their momentous and highly anticipated return.

We thank him for sharing his talents with us.

 Xx, M

All airport photos were taken by: Syndey Peterson
All Camp Tuhikaramea photos taken by: Dave or Aimee Rudd


Hey Hey Hey

We've got a surprise for you....


But for a limited time only. Please view the options on our shop,, as there is more than one option available (gasp).

The sweatshirts are for preorder only.
Meaning, you place your order (before we order our product), and then based off of orders we get inventory to match exactly what was purchased by our fab fans, friends, foes and family. Because of this orders will be final and no exchanges/returns will take place.

Sweatshirts run true to size. I am 5'4" and wearing a small.
Brunette model is 5'9" and wearing an XL.

If you thought our T-Shirts were soft, well you better understand nothing was compromised, only improved upon for these beauties.

Soft enough for sleep, for sadness, sweatiness and all the sass your teenage girl can muster.

They will be available for order November 24 and 25 and will ship IN TIME for CHRISTMAS.

You know you want one under your tree.
You know you want to gift one for your Secret Santa family.
You know you want to wrap one for the brother/sister/roommate gift exchange.

BIG LOVE to my Army.
I couldn't conquer or accomplish what I do without all of you.

Gratitude and Love,


Friday, November 10, 2017


This year our #ShermStyle fam wanted to switch up how we do Christmas. We hope to really focus our efforts into keeping it a Christ centered Christmas. To help achieve this, we opted to only gift each other/receive three gifts this year. One to represent each of the gifts given to Christ: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. No, our budget isn't swelling enough to present one another with matching gifts fit for a King, but we expect our simplified Christmas to certainly support our Student budget.

To guide our hearts & minds towards a CHRISTmas, we are partnering with New Tradition Crafts for 25 Days of Christ. This activity set comes with a booklet and display of 25 ornaments. One a day, to hang on your tree, or to display however you choose. The booklet it set with prompts of a scripture, video and short story/phrase/quote to read, that coincides with that days ornament.

Hawke and I simply had fun opening and exploring all the ornaments we received. We can't wait to start our day or end our evenings with Christ. If you'd like to celebrate with your family and ours, use the discount code SHERMAN10 for 10% off your order for the next 48 hours.

Get pumped for the holidays, enjoy your festivities and egg nog (which I sincerely do not enjoy), sing those songs, exchange those gifts, and remember to keep your heart warm and open to those around you and those in need.