Friday, December 8, 2017


The Gem Studio - it's the smallest little treasure, with the very biggest heart.

Located in Provo, UT they reach far beyond those boundaries. I was seriously stoked when I found out about them. I flew up from Arizona (no, I wan't paid) to get behind what they were doing and participate.

Mat is a man with heart. A heart of gold, a heart of compassion. His compassion began years ago when he worked doing wilderness therapy and outdoor behavioral care, at the non-profit Anasazi Foundation. His love of Native Americans, their jewelry, and culture quickly followed.

Mat began making his own turquoise jewelry during college. Word spread of his skills and intrigued others to stop by and see what he was doing. He began teaching the art of silversmithing - on his bedroom floor - to friends, neighbors and strangers alike. Fast forward and the idea of The Gem Studio, became more than an idea. As his first project in construction HE renovated an old grungy garage, and, turned it into a beautiful, quaint silversmithing studio.

Keeping up with his charitable reputation, three years ago Mat founded and built an orphanage in Uganda. He teaches people how to save money and start small businesses.  To practice what he preaches; profits from The Gem Studio go to the orphanage to fund the classes, uniforms, supplies, water, food, etcetera. How inspiring is The Gem Studio mantra; "Learn a skill  //  Build an orphanage." 

Click here to see the video

ANYWAY, I had a GNO with my friend Lexi, and we spent the evening crafting our rings with Mat. Not only did WE have a fun time, Mat and Jake are awesome instructors and totally make you feel 100% capable of doing an extreme DIY on your first try. They are there to guide every step & answer each question (or 1,000 questions 😜). They really want YOU to do it all and feel proud. I'd be lying if I said I didn't walk out with a big grin and giving myself a pat on the back --  if you know me, you KNOW I ain't no 'Pinterest Mom' or crafter. I've always thought, 'why make it, if I can buy it?' 
But this, THIS, is so different. I had the time of my life.

I created a silver ring with turquoise stone, while Lexi crafted a brass with turquoise.

Ladies schedule this for your next GNO, or birthday bash. I also couldn't help thinking how fun this would be for a bachelorette party, or a bonding experience with your sibling, in-laws, or that new friend you met.

Men, this isn't just for women. I saw some dope men's rings constructed, and Ric's response when I came home, "That's sick! I want to go make something." This is the perfect date night for that special someone you've been wanting to impress. If a ring ain't yo thang -- make yourself a hip bolo tie or duplicate Ric's idea; make a belt buckle 😎 ....maybe I really should have taken Ric for our date night?

DM @the.gemstudio on instagram to book a slot and enjoy the process of creativity during your intimate 'custom ring making session'.

Xx, M

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