Friday, November 10, 2017


This year our #ShermStyle fam wanted to switch up how we do Christmas. We hope to really focus our efforts into keeping it a Christ centered Christmas. To help achieve this, we opted to only gift each other/receive three gifts this year. One to represent each of the gifts given to Christ: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. No, our budget isn't swelling enough to present one another with matching gifts fit for a King, but we expect our simplified Christmas to certainly support our Student budget.

To guide our hearts & minds towards a CHRISTmas, we are partnering with New Tradition Crafts for 25 Days of Christ. This activity set comes with a booklet and display of 25 ornaments. One a day, to hang on your tree, or to display however you choose. The booklet it set with prompts of a scripture, video and short story/phrase/quote to read, that coincides with that days ornament.

Hawke and I simply had fun opening and exploring all the ornaments we received. We can't wait to start our day or end our evenings with Christ. If you'd like to celebrate with your family and ours, use the discount code SHERMAN10 for 10% off your order for the next 48 hours.

Get pumped for the holidays, enjoy your festivities and egg nog (which I sincerely do not enjoy), sing those songs, exchange those gifts, and remember to keep your heart warm and open to those around you and those in need.



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