Thursday, May 7, 2020


Five years ago, Ric and I met Devin Supertramp. We were participating in a promo film for a local company he was shooting. We had a good time messing around and helping create fun content.

(You can peep the work we recorded then in the Mini-Doc at 03:24 ☺ )

Fast forward to December 2018, My health was really struggling. I was in the hospital with the lowest numbers - across the board - I'd ever had. The future was unknown. CF is tricky; it has a mind of it's own, no matter how much we like to think we are "controlling it." My friend, Lindsay, and my husband, Ric, decided they wanted to do something big. 

They reached out to the Supertramp YouTube Team and asked if Devin could create a video for our family, telling me story.

Devin responded, "I've actually followed Mandie's journey on Instagram and been super inspired about it for the longest time, and have kept on thinking that I should do a video telling her story, not even joking. Would be stoked to be involved telling her story. I think it's super inspiring and could help inspire a ton more people. Do you think she would be done for us telling her full story?"

Filming started in August 2019 and wrapped up February 2020.

Devin was so kind; he made the video specifically for our family as a passion project, but added it the Devin Supertramp YouTube Channel with the hope of inspiring others. The mini-doc was released, March 10. 2020.

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. What it shares of my story; our family story, as authentic as we are. I am forever grateful my family will have this video forever. It's a gift no price can match.

I hope you enjoy.




Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Mandie approached me with concern in her heart for you mamas, and I am honored. We both see the determination mixed with desperation, and despair you mamas have as you traverse the world of homeschooling you have been thrown into. We want to support you. We see you.

As a little bit of a background on me, here are three things: first, I have been a homeschool-mama for five years, so I’m a pro… just kidding. If I have learned anything over those five years, it’s that just like parenting, homeschooling is a roller-coaster of unknowns, trying trying and trying, and holding the precious moments close to your heart to get through the rough ones. 

Second, I strive for minimalism. To sum this up quickly, as a family of six we moved across the country with everything we own in an 8x5 trailer, and currently we are comfortably living in a 900sq ft home – full disclosure it is on five open acres which might be cheating a little. That minimalism has influenced the way I homeschool. 

And three, grandma-wise. You know that wise grandma figure in your life who you want to sit at her feet and have her bestow all her wisdom on you, but all she does is tell you she loves you and sends you to figure it out on your own? No, only me?? Well, while my mouth runs wild, I strive to be like that wise grandma for so.many.reasons. With that (possibly weird confession I just gave) in mind, I can’t give you the answer, you must find it for you. However, because I am not the wise-grandma yet and do let my mouth run, here are five basics +a short list of resources I love and what homeschooling looks like for us (in case you are interested). 

One - have a goal in mind. Personally, without a goal in mind I feel I have no direction. 

My goal of homeschooling – Independent Learning. 
I am a believer that you can learn anything at any age. I also believe in getting the laundry folded, a shower in, and some me time. The more my children can learn on their own the more time I have to do what I need/want. This can be setting out puzzles or coloring pages for a toddler/preschooler. Setting up a typing, math, or reading assignment for grade-schoolers. Also utilizing Unit Studies* which can be done individually or as a family with various ages with assignments based on each child’s level.

*Unit Studies: a unit study is simply an extensive study of one topic (or unit) and the integration of all subjects (social studies, science, language arts, math, Bible, music, art, etc.) around that topic. In our home we have a kinder doing a unit study on Ballet -- she is watching various ballet clips, learning postures, practicing proper spelling of ballet terminology, and plans to preform for our family. A simple search on Google or Pinterest will result in a plethora of ideas; my advice, let your child pick their topic, and then encourage/set the expectations (written report, poster board, performance, etc.) 

Two – routine vs schedule. Public school runs on schedule and for the masses it works great. In the home, where there are various ages, needs, text messages, and dinner to make, a strict schedule is tough. We stick to a routine; it meets our needs and allows for GRACE! 

Routine allows for waking up after getting enough sleep (you know because Disney+ kept us up late), allows you to stick with a topic/subject longer if everyone is enjoying it or quite frankly skip it for the day if it’s just not working.
Home Grown Traditions has a wonderful, free printable routine that you can edit

Three – a little bit every day. Right along with routine is the awareness that a little bit everyday is better than a lot one day and none for the next week because that one day took everything out of you. Not that I know from experience or anything… I do. I know. Learn from my mistake. Also, take into consideration, as a homeschool parent you are giving one-on-one learning time to your child, not something they receive often in a classroom full of children. Five minutes of math facts, two minutes of writing a silly story full or grammatical and spelling errors (that can be fixed another day) – wins!

Four – read, read, read. When all else fails, read books. Together while hiding in a blanket fort, curled up on the couch, eating all the snacks in the pantry. Alone in your rooms when separation and quiet is needed; even for littles that can’t read, looking at books with a set time. Reading exposes everyone to a vast world and has endless benefits for all ages. 

Five – minimalism. I thought the amount of resources available to homeschoolers five years ago was overwhelming, but now!?! Don’t get me wrong I am, as I’m sure we all are, extremely grateful for everyone banning together and offering ideas, printables, programs… but it is 
When I first started homeschooling I stumbled upon, Great Schools Benchmarks. is full of helpful information for parents wanting a great education for their children. On their website you can find what they call benchmarks – things your child should know at the end of each grade, from kinder to fifth. And honestly, it has been my North Star as I teach my children because, spoiler alert: they are short, simple, and clear. 

Resources I love-- 

-Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons ~$20 on amazon 

temporarily, while the physical library is closed, library apps such as overdrive and hoopla are free and have many books (and don’t discount the value of audio books, those are lifesavers when I need a little alone time with my children entertained with something other than a screen)

            -  (free online math games by grade)

            - (free website to review facts, because we all can work our math facts – tracks and encourages practice in needed areas)

Typing: (free and gives progress reports)

What homeschooling looks like for us – for the curious I thought I’d throw in a breakdown of our life as a homeschool family. I am going to break this into two parts, Arizona and Washington. Because in Arizona we were a full time homeschool family for the first five years of my children’s education. Then we moved to Washington and enrolled in public school only to be thrown back into homeschooling.

Arizona: using the free printable from HomeGrown Traditions

Washington: Wake up, breakfast, clean up, a mess of them doing math fact practice, typing, flashcards (fifth grader is memorizing the fifty states, Kinder is working on phonetic sounds), unit studies, writing an assigned story topic for the week +creating illustrations for it (just silly for handwriting and spelling practice). Packing up and leaving to help with remodeling the office (because it’s shut down so might as well take advantage), where we have lunch, they finish up any work, read, and then entertain themselves (yes, with screens – specifically Minecraft and Disney+ -- judge all you want, we are all just trying to survive here). 

-Lindsay L.

Saturday, August 3, 2019


As you transition to adulthood and take on the role of managing cystic fibrosis yourself, it can be quite overwhelming. Making, planning and arranging all sorts of Dr. visits, clinic visits, pharmacy orders, medication deliveries/pick ups, daily cleaning and sterilization of all your equipment, amongst all the other things that naturally occur when we turn 18. The phrase, "it takes a village to raise a child" is true, but we like to add our own twist...."it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes an army to raise a child with CF." 

I grew up with an incredibly strong support system and then at 25, married a man, a very 'hands on' man. One who helps around the house, in our relationship, and in raising our son. This plays a very important role in experiencing success, despite a terminal illness. Management of the disease, mental and emotional support, having someone to help you fight when you are down...can literally be the difference between life and death. Strong support systems are vital.

If you do not experience a strong support system right not fear. 
You can create one! The success associated with support, is not only seen in disease management, but everyday life. 

Today I will be sharing a few tips on 'How to create a support system':

1. Be brave! 
Open up and educate your friends, neighbors, church congregation, aunts and uncles about your disease process (or whatever you may be dealing with). When people understand what you have on your plate, you will be surprised how many people are willing share this burden. They will want to help make life easier for you.

2. Be a good friend to others. 
Be invested in others lives and willing to show up for them too. 'Like attracts like', the law of attraction is real. Do what you can for others when you have 'good days'. On your low days, sending off a message of love to those in your circle, sending out a thank you card to those who have previously helped, and placing phone calls to check in on those around you. You'll find when you show up for others, they will show up for you too.

3. Find the Happy.
We all have 'hard stuff', but looking for the good amongst the bad will make life easier. You'll become a person others want to spend time with. People enjoy being around happy people. We each prefer to spend time with those who make us feel good about ourselves vs negativity. Negativity carries so much weight, and ain't nobody got time for that. Finding the silver living, isn't an innate characteristic, but one that with practice becomes easier and easier. You will find quickly that 'finding the happy' in your daily situations will make your tasks and life easier to handle. Easier to live!

our first ever 'Momcation' we picked the most expensive hotel we could find ;)

In parting, I'll leave with a few thoughts; as a newborn the Doctor's ran tests to find out "what was wrong with me". But I do not believe anything is 'wrong with me'. I was born with a disease, but having this disease not mean I am wrong or inadequate in any way. Having CF has been a beautiful gift. It has allowed me a unique life, one to have many experiences others won't have. It has allowed me to exercise faith, and find hope in a higher power. It has taught me grit, dedication and perseverance. To be strong when things are hard, harder and hardest. I pray that if you currently have a physical or mental diagnosis, that you understand nothing is 'wrong with you'.  You are perfect the way you are. Your (fill in the blank) is what makes you you. Some days will be harder than others, but each of the days are worth it. 

Xx, M

Monday, June 10, 2019


As my husband has grown emotionally, intellectually and professionally, I wanted to do something to honor his growth. I have enjoyed seeing him rise to the occasion when things got tough during studies while in dental school. I've smiled as he explained procedures that he was once unsure about to being confident enough to teach someone else. 

Being in the front row seats, on the sidelines and backstage crew of his life, is an honor. 

When he had finished his second year of dental school and Midwestern University did their "bridging ceremony" as they graduate from didactics to clinic, I gave Ric his first 'professional' watch. The Dover - Olive and Acacia wood watch from Jord (pronounced Yode) 
Luxury Watches.

When I first came across Jord watches, I knew I couldn't have found a more perfect watch speaking 'Ric'. My husband is a man of the outdoors. Being in the sun, mountains and nature is his happy place. Where he rejuvenates and recharges. A watch made of wood, yes, that's a watch for Ric.

*Fun fact, Ric's wedding ring is also a wood ring.

To keep on with the tradition I had set for him and his 'professional advancements', I knew another watch was in order for a graduation gift. Again, I partnered with Jord Watches to gift him the perfect men's watch. For graduation I chose the Hyde Ebony and Iron. It is super minimal and masculine. We engraved the bottom to say his new title and the date it was earned.

Ric Sherman DMD

The cedar box they are stored in can also be customized and engraved. These boxes are high quality and perfect to keep the watches safe from kiddie hands. They are beautiful, enough that I don't even mind having it sit on our counter or bedside table!

If you search any 'best gifts for men', 'top ten gifts for the man in your life' or '88 best gifts for men' list and you will always, always, always find a watch. That's because a watch is classic. A watch is timeless -- pun intended ;) They hold their value, they hold memory and they hold meaning. A watch can be passed down from generation to generation and when received is an honor.

If you're special man has an event coming up, honor him. Father's Day is on the horizon too. Do him a solid and buy him an esteemed watch. Because I love ya'll so much, I wanted to give ya a jumpstart on that gift. Jord and I are doing a giveaway to help you give the perfect gift! 

And yes, before you ask, Jord also sells women's watches!

Follow this link to be entered to win $100 off your choice of watch just by entering the giveaway, and receive an e-mail with a 10% consulation gift code. Everyone who enters will get 10% off and one lucky winner will get a $100 discount.

Xx, M

Mens Wooden Watches

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


the caripro ultrasonic toothbrush will change your life.
that's all i need to say. blog post, over.

really, i should stop there. i could stop there. but some of you will want more, so i will give you more.

switching over to the caripro ultrasonic toothbrush will be one of the best decisions you make in 2019.

this is no ordinary toothbrush, it's not really an electric toothbrush because it vibrates at much higher frequencies, allowing it to be qualified as the worlds first ultrasonic toothbrush.

for comparisons sake, imagine how much damage a 3.0 earthquake can cause...that is the electric toothbrush you are using right now. compare that to the vibrations and damage of a 10.0 magnitude earthquake. 
10.0 brings eerrrrrything to the ground.
well this toothbrush shakes eveerrrything out of your teeth. i'm talking about that poppy seed that gets stuck in the groove of your back teeth....yeah, it brought that

the caripro ultrasonic toothbrush has five different settings:
1. clean
2. white
3. massage
4. gum care
5. sensitive

i have tested all five settings. the top three i use are: 1, 2, and 5. if you remember back a bit ago i did a blog post mentioning my sensitive teeth. i do believe this ultrasonic toothbrush does have a difference between all the modes to feel a difference when it is cleaning your teeth. it is so gentle that the 'clean mode' is sufficient majority of the time, but every once in awhile if my teeth have had a sensitive day, for whatever reason,  and i just want to be safe, then i will use the 'sensitive' mode and have zero issues.

your gums will be grateful.

your teeth will glimmer and shine like never before;

and lets be real, we drop over $$$$ on massages for our body, buuuttt why aren't we treating our mouth with the same respect and luxury. you're mouth helps do everything for you; eat, breathe, smile, communicate.

guys, i told ric when i got this that i had 'found the best toothbrush ever.' and encouraged him to try it that it would 'change his life too'. 
(grab extra toothbrush heads: here)

his response: 'that's a bold statement, amanda.'

me: 'dude, i know, i know...but I AM SERIOUS.'

i was serious then and i am even more serious now. you want to try this toothbrush.

if my word isn't enough...and some of you are on the fence. not sure how you're still there, but i respect ya....i will throw in a discount code.
use: shermanarmytb20 for 20% off your entire order.

again for the people in the back. 20% OFFDISCOUNT CODE: shermanarmytb20

wait there's more 

to make things even easier for one of you. i have partnered with caripro to 
giveaway a FREE TOOTHBRUSH to one winner!! 😄

to enter to win the caripro ultrasonic electric toothbrush please fill out the form: HERE

still have questions? please check out the caripro FAQ page.

if you give it a try, let me know. i'd love to hear and chat about your experience!

#smilefearlessly, my souldiers.

xx, M

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