Saturday, December 2, 2017


My parents went and served an eighteen month mission in Hamilton, New Zealand. They lived at Camp Tuhikaramea, they took care of 42 acres of land, planted over 5,000 trees, and hosted up to 400+ campers at a time. Camp Tuhikaramea was created as a place for the Spirit to be felt while people provided service to the land, spent time with their families/friends, and for a place to stay when coming to worship at the Temple.

My parents loved their mission and met many, incredible people that have come into our lives.   
We are grateful for their service and example, but SO glad to have them back home.

They've been back for five months now and Hawke and I have seen them twice a month - when you live in separate states, that's really quite a feat. I wanted to share their homecoming video on here. It's very special to me, and when something is good, you want to tell the whole world about it!

(Click the image below to start video)

 This video was created for our family by Keltson Howell, to help us remember their momentous and highly anticipated return.

We thank him for sharing his talents with us.

 Xx, M

All airport photos were taken by: Syndey Peterson
All Camp Tuhikaramea photos taken by: Dave or Aimee Rudd

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