Tuesday, November 8, 2016


It's 10:00pm on November 7 in Arizona, temperature outside: 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Moving to a new state has been so different for me, luckily the state of Arizona is pretty consistent, weather wise, so it hasn't been too much of an adjustment. Growing up in Utah (25.5 years), I remember being so bummed on Halloween - because it was so cold. You would need to wear a coat to go trick-or-treating but then people couldn't see our costumes. I remember years being so upset that I shed tears over my unseen, cool costume. (Oh, to be a kid and have those kinds of worries again!)

We had so much fun with our festivities throughout the month. We loved taking Hawke out this year. He almost understood the celebrating and trick-or-treating. H would go up to the door, grab a candy, then place it in his pumpkin bucket. He'd then proceed to the other kids buckets and try to grab candy to put into his. We had a good laugh.

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