Sunday, October 15, 2017


My friend Lindsay has been in my life for the greater part of a year. She's seen me struggle, she's seen me hurt, and she stepped up to be the friend that I needed. She's helped me be brave. 

In typical Lindsay fashion, she decided to go above and beyond. She wasn't just going to be that shoulder I needed during my hard days, she wanted to help create a support system for me to be lifted up, on all days.

That is when she presented me with her plan to get a Tee Shirt made that our friends could purchase to physically show they were part of my support system. When she brought it up, she was asking for my permission but in reality more just sharing her idea and running with it no matter what I said. Sometimes people on the outside looking in, can see better than yourself what you may need. 

These past two years have been really difficult for me. I moved away from my family and the CF Team that has cared for me for 26 years. My health has been at it's weakest. My husband a full time student, in a demanding Dental Program. I had depression for the first time in my life, deep, dark days. I was struggling adjusting to being a new mom and finding a balance with that and all that CF demands of me.

The 'Mandie Tee' was created for our friends and family, and has since took off expanding from there. Friends, neighbors and strangers started purchasing shirts to rock, in support our family's battle with CF and help with the steady flow of medical bills. 

This forward act of love from Lindsay and every shirt sold, was the boost that I needed. The development of Sherman Army - as we're calling it - was the tender mercy to brighten my spirits and restart my drive to fight stronger and smarter.


A mere month ago, I had the party of a lifetime.

We decided to throw a 'Tee Party' for my upcoming Birthday, to show our gratitude to those around us who have ordered shirts. 

We had a great turn out here in Arizona, along with connecting  outside our state boundaries through Social Media using Facebook Live and Instagram Live videos. If you missed these, you can check out a recap of the party HERE, (or click video below,) where Camille Griffin, documented and created a video for us, to last a lifetime!

We decided to return to the room at the Phoenix Children's Museum , were it all began to commemorate and take a moment of reflection about the journey this has taken us on. We were both pushed and stretched in new ways to make this event happen, and are better people for it. This is just the beginning.

Thanks to every single person who is working to grow Sherman Army, following our movement to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis & encouraging those around you to Conquer our battles together.


all photos shown are credit of: 
Camille Griffin and

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