Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Is my baby still considered a baby if he turns one? I can honestly say this was the fastest, hardest and yet most rewarding year of my life. Being Hawke's mother is an honor. I am thankful for the things he teaches me, especially patience. I know God promises to make our, "weak things become strong" & I think he decided to bless me with a child to grow out of my patience weakness. 

Planning this party has been a highlight of the last few months. Yes, plural. I've been making the guest list, going over themes, looking through different party options, presents, cake ideas, decorations, etc. I was just so thrilled to actually be planning my own child's birthday. When we moved to Utah four weeks ago, I told my Ric that we had to get going on this, this and this for Hawke's birthday. He looked at me and said, "how long does it take to plan a Birthday party?"  HA! I then pulled out my notebook of brainstorming ideas and plans I'd been working on for months and he just smiled and laughed at me. He had the same reaction as I was walking out of Costco after picking up the cake when a tear of joy and excitement rolled down my cheek. 

Awhile back I bought a shirt to wear on very special occasions. Today is a Miracle and I couldn't be more proud to wear and celebrate today, for more reasons than one. What a very special day in my motherhood, that will go down in the books.


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