Thursday, May 7, 2020


Five years ago, Ric and I met Devin Supertramp. We were participating in a promo film for a local company he was shooting. We had a good time messing around and helping create fun content.

(You can peep the work we recorded then in the Mini-Doc at 03:24 ☺ )

Fast forward to December 2018, My health was really struggling. I was in the hospital with the lowest numbers - across the board - I'd ever had. The future was unknown. CF is tricky; it has a mind of it's own, no matter how much we like to think we are "controlling it." My friend, Lindsay, and my husband, Ric, decided they wanted to do something big. 

They reached out to the Supertramp YouTube Team and asked if Devin could create a video for our family, telling me story.

Devin responded, "I've actually followed Mandie's journey on Instagram and been super inspired about it for the longest time, and have kept on thinking that I should do a video telling her story, not even joking. Would be stoked to be involved telling her story. I think it's super inspiring and could help inspire a ton more people. Do you think she would be done for us telling her full story?"

Filming started in August 2019 and wrapped up February 2020.

Devin was so kind; he made the video specifically for our family as a passion project, but added it the Devin Supertramp YouTube Channel with the hope of inspiring others. The mini-doc was released, March 10. 2020.

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. What it shares of my story; our family story, as authentic as we are. I am forever grateful my family will have this video forever. It's a gift no price can match.

I hope you enjoy.




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