Tuesday, May 14, 2019


the caripro ultrasonic toothbrush will change your life.
that's all i need to say. blog post, over.

really, i should stop there. i could stop there. but some of you will want more, so i will give you more.

switching over to the caripro ultrasonic toothbrush will be one of the best decisions you make in 2019.

this is no ordinary toothbrush, it's not really an electric toothbrush because it vibrates at much higher frequencies, allowing it to be qualified as the worlds first ultrasonic toothbrush.

for comparisons sake, imagine how much damage a 3.0 earthquake can cause...that is the electric toothbrush you are using right now. compare that to the vibrations and damage of a 10.0 magnitude earthquake. 
10.0 brings eerrrrrything to the ground.
well this toothbrush shakes eveerrrything out of your teeth. i'm talking about that poppy seed that gets stuck in the groove of your back teeth....yeah, it brought that

the caripro ultrasonic toothbrush has five different settings:
1. clean
2. white
3. massage
4. gum care
5. sensitive

i have tested all five settings. the top three i use are: 1, 2, and 5. if you remember back a bit ago i did a blog post mentioning my sensitive teeth. i do believe this ultrasonic toothbrush does have a difference between all the modes to feel a difference when it is cleaning your teeth. it is so gentle that the 'clean mode' is sufficient majority of the time, but every once in awhile if my teeth have had a sensitive day, for whatever reason,  and i just want to be safe, then i will use the 'sensitive' mode and have zero issues.

your gums will be grateful.

your teeth will glimmer and shine like never before;

and lets be real, we drop over $$$$ on massages for our body, buuuttt why aren't we treating our mouth with the same respect and luxury. you're mouth helps do everything for you; eat, breathe, smile, communicate.

guys, i told ric when i got this that i had 'found the best toothbrush ever.' and encouraged him to try it that it would 'change his life too'. 
(grab extra toothbrush heads: here)

his response: 'that's a bold statement, amanda.'

me: 'dude, i know, i know...but I AM SERIOUS.'

i was serious then and i am even more serious now. you want to try this toothbrush.

if my word isn't enough...and some of you are on the fence. not sure how you're still there, but i respect ya....i will throw in a discount code.
use: shermanarmytb20 for 20% off your entire order.

again for the people in the back. 20% OFFDISCOUNT CODE: shermanarmytb20

wait there's more 

to make things even easier for one of you. i have partnered with caripro to 
giveaway a FREE TOOTHBRUSH to one winner!! 😄

to enter to win the caripro ultrasonic electric toothbrush please fill out the form: HERE

still have questions? please check out the caripro FAQ page.

if you give it a try, let me know. i'd love to hear and chat about your experience!

#smilefearlessly, my souldiers.

xx, M

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