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Calling this post "Gift Guide" doesn't feel right. It's just too sales-y for our little space here. We are friends, not sales associates and consumers. So, instead, I'll name this blog post: "Present Suggestions". That sounds more genuine. Sharing good ideas and things I love. If you have some good news, what's one of the first things you naturally want to do? Share it. That's what I'll be doing here.

EDIE AND MARS: Custom Portraits

Two years ago I met Chrysta, the artist behind this shop. We only crossed paths for a little while, but made lasting impressions. Christmas 2017 I received this watercolor portrait of our family. I was beyond happy. I cried tears. If you remember last Christmas I was in the hospital. This gift changed everything for me that stay. I know you'll win favorite sister, bestie or daughter-in-law award by gifting one of these this Christmas.

To order go to Edie and Mars Etsy shop, click 'Custom Order'. She has set up 
FREE SHIPPING exclusively for my readers. It will automatically occur upon check out. This qualifies for custom orders as well as any listed in her shop. 

*Artist will only be taking a limited number of orders this holiday season, so it you're interested, take advantage fast. Last order taken will be December 12. This will guarantee it's arrival time to snuggle safely in recipients stocking...or under the tree Christmas morning.

CASE APP: Phone Case and Laptop Skins
instagram: @caseapp
website: CaseApp  

You've seen these on my instagram before...because I love them! They have countless designs for phone and laptop covers, sure to match something with your personality. My phone and laptop have twin covers, called Always Moving. To get matching ones with me (Ooo please do!) click here 

Want some holiday cheer? pine and happy raindeer would be my picks. 

Is black and white your thing? Check these out.

You can also upload any photo you have and they'll print in on the case. I have done this with our wedding photo.
I was asked by CaseApp to advertise for them this holiday season. However, it was already on my presents list, so you can rest assured I truly do love their cases.

For 20% off use code: SHERMAN20
(If ordered before mid December these will arrive before Christmas)

HIDING HAELO: Book one of the 
Candeon Heirs Series
instagram: @tmholladay
snag: Hiding Haelo
grab: Haelo Hunted

Eeek you guys, I am so excited about this one! I met the author Tara, long before she was the author of the Candeon Heirs Series. Eight years ago we were both living in Hawaii and our two worlds met. She is a Mom of three kiddos and has put everything into these books. She is currently working on finishing book three, due early 2019. Not only did she create this captivating world of mermaids living amongst humans, but she also started her own book publishing company from the ground up. 

Hiding Haelo is the first in the YA adult series, followed by Haelo Hunted. Honestly if you have a teen, (or I would even say preteen) put this book under the tree. They will thank you. Last Christmas while in the hospital, I had my Mama read the second book out loud to me. It was such a soothing activity and allowed me to heal while resting and to the soothing sounds of my Mama's voice. 

Tara will keep you captivated early on in book one. I can't wait for my turn to pick 'the book' for Book Club. I've been waiting to share this.

Reusable Make up Removing Cloth
instagram: @makeuperaser
A year ago, I ordered a local product...honestly, because it seemed 'to good to be true' and I kinda wanted to prove it wrong. Luckily, I hadn't said anything to anybody, or I would have put my foot in my mouth. It is the best product! The Original Make Up Eraser is a microfiber cloth that removes all make up with just water. I'm talking waterproof mascara, foundation...everything. The Make Up eraser is machine washable and will last you 3-5 years.  Never buy harmful disposable makeup wipes again! I haven't bought one make up removal product since purchasing this. I am a lifetime customer. They created a discount code just for YOU readers. I promise.

For 20%off at checkout use code: MANDIE20

SUGARFACE CLOTHING: Rad Tee's with Rad Statements
instagram: @sugarfaceclothing

You've seen me rocking gear from here before. That's because not only are the shirts adorable and good quality, but the Mama behind it is so rad. She designs all of her designs. She is the HUSTLER for everything you'll find here. Website, gram, designing, packaging, shipping and even all the cute inserts you'll receive in her package.

Remember, shopping small and helping provide food for little one's is better than stuff from a big corporate company with a rich CEO and their yacht. ;)

code:  HAPPYSOUL for 25% off
 - this is the largest discount offered of all the gifts :D -

instagram: @simpleandblush

These hair ribbons are simply adorable. I was skeptical how it might work with my short hair. I mean all the beautiful photos of gals wrapping them around buns and topknots on their heads. Making the 'Mom hair' go from drab to fab. Well guess what guys, it worked for my mini pony too and I love it! Ric even said, 'Ooo, look Hawke, Mom has a ribbon in her hair!' I think we all understand if a guy notices something to do with our hair, we can take it as a win, a big deal. Whoop-whoop!

Use code: SHERMAN10 at checkout for  10% off your order.

CONQUER ALL: Motivational Apparel
instagram: @shop_conquerall
instagram: @shermanmandie
website: Shop Conquer All

Last but not least, I can't leave without putting a plug in for our special shop. This was set up as a site to help ease the burden of life with a chronic illness. Not much can always be 'done', by people on the outside. It's often the big Specialist brains thinking of ideas and what to try next, and then me putting in the work to get 'er done. But, part of the burden can be lifted. Profits from the shop go directly to medical bills, and to purchase life saving equipment not covered by insurance. Lindsay and I create the tee designs, and Elkhorn Embroidery, a Husband and Wife duo in Oregon execute the idea to reality.We have some great new things coming to the shop through out the month of December. First one being the Salty Hoodie ya'll have been requesting.

Products that will arrive in time for Christmas: Black Souldier Tee, Salty Hoodie and the three pairs of Sunglasses...arriving soon! Everything else will be delayed because of backorder. The discount code is still valid and your purchases as always are humbly appreciated.

Checkout code: READERS  for  15% off  your entire order.

I love you big, guys.

Happy Holidays,


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