Wednesday, August 16, 2017


I wanted to share with you the background of the motto from our 'Mandie Tee's'. To tell you the full story, I need to start a little farther back.

Growing up my family had the motto "No Regrets". This encouraged us to live our life fully, treat everyone with love, and make decisions to be proud of.
 In high school this was my motivation with education, I didn't want to cut my work any short of my best - I knew I wanted grades that would allow me opportunities for excellent Universities and colleges. 
I held those words inside me, because I wanted to treat each individual at my high school as a person, that someone cared about. I didn't want there to be anyone with a memory of me in a negative way, only as a positive experience. (If this was ever not the case, then I have wronged you. Please feel open to contacting me, lets talk.). 
'No Regrets' was the drive in my work outs and trainings for sports - if I operated by this, I knew growth as an athlete would follow. I'd be able to perform and give my best in each game, match or race.  
'No Regrets', worked as encouragement for compliance with my disease, Cystic Fibrosis. I knew I wanted to live a long time, and I was going to have to work for that.

Having a family motto, helped to keep me grounded and things in the correct perspective. As I went off to college, I knew new challenges were ahead of me. I knew I wanted to add another statement to "No Regret's", one that reached my core, yet could still be applied across all aspects of my life. 

As I  found it, I clung to this new  statement from everyday road rage, to taking Chemistry 101 three times. Going through a sad divorce at 23, to being brave and starting over. Hearing I am growing and now raising a miracle child, to a probable cancer diagnosis. Putting my husband through Dental School, to staying compliant on my ever growing daily treatment schedule.

 When I was a freshman in college, I came across a scholarship opportunity that I felt compelled to enter. This has turned out to be more of a blessing than I first realized. During my time compiling all that was required of entry I wrote my first poem. This poem is printed out and hung on my 'Dream Board' still to this day.
(If you'd like to see the video that went with the scholarship, click: HERE.)

From one of these stanza's originated my motto, and the phrase now used on our Mandie Tee's . I wanted to share the full thing with you, as you all join in this journey with me.

“My dream for the future is…”

My dream for the future is…
   To always have a diet that tells me to “eat more”
   To finally fulfill my endless craving of salt
   To help those with more serious challenges than I face

My dream for the future is…
   To still be grateful for each day I live and thankful for every breath I take
   To never forget that each day is a gift
   To love as I have been loved

My dream for the future is…
   To write a thank you card to every doctor that has blessed my life
   To change the life expectancy age of Cystic Fibrosis
   To live, laugh, and love

My dream for the future is…
   To marry the man that loves me for who I am and all that comes with me
   To one day hold a baby and call my own
   To play with my grandchildren

My dream for the future is…
   To graduate from college
   To always create “to do lists”
   To never lose sight of my goals

My dream for the future is…
   To never give up
   To persevere through all life’s adversities
   To conquer all that steps in my way

My dream for the future is…
   To always smile
   To always be spunky
   To be myself no matter what

My dream for the future is…
   To run a marathon
   To complete a triathlon
   To never forget that God has given me all that I have

My dream for the future is…
To live happily ever after

By: Amanda (Mandie) Rudd
Written: Spring 2009

Thank you, for your continued love and support.
Together we fight, and together we continue to Conquer All.

Xx, M


  1. I love you so much Mand!! Didn't realize you had to retake Chem three times - I did too! Haha. Your poem made me shed a tear. So greatful to know you <3

    1. I'm lucky to be the one to snag you from Hawaii! Thanks for being my friend and your love/support always. <3