Monday, May 29, 2017


Be sure to read about all four of the products and companies below. They each have their own special surprise for you!

Jord is a unique watch company with incredible aesthetics. Their men's and women's products are top of the line, making this a very satisfying gift to receive. Their packaging alone is stunning.

If you know anything about Ric, you that he enjoys the outdoors. Because of this, for his wedding band I found a ring embedded with dark wood for a very unique, masculine look that matched who HE was. This men's watch is one and the same. As Ric is progressing into a professional role as a Dentist, I wanted to get him something classy to depict this stepping stone but still represent who he is. 

I browsed several styles and ended up selecting the Dover Series - Olive and Acacia. Ric is so fun to give gifts to and his reaction to this cool watch was priceless. (Too bad I didn't capture it on video)

Jord has partnered to give away a $100 discount code to one WINNER and a $25 discount code to EVERY person who enters. Simply fill out the form HERE to be entered into the Giveaway. Contest will end June 11th at midnight. Browse all their watch styles to find the perfect one for your sweet Dad (or Baby Daddy) this Father's Day.

Drivyn is the solution to finding affordable polarized sunglasses and never having to say 'good-bye' to any pair of sunglasses lost in water again. They are made from bamboo, making them floatable and very light on your face/nose.  

Can I tell you the background of this company's name? The owner's wife has Cystic Fibrosis and he created these polarized sunglasses to help pay for medical bills & raise money for the CF Foundation. For EVERY pair sold $5 of that sell goes straight to the CF Foundation...
"We are also Drivyn to help find a cure for all of our friends with Cystic Fibrosis"...words straight from their website, melting my heart!

Drivyn is offering free shipping to all my readers & anyone uses the code 'MANDIEFREE' - so go ahead, share the code with family & friends. 

To shop, click HERE 

Ric is wearing the Shallows during our trip to New Zealand. Ah, take me back!

This hat company is originating out of Spokane, WA. They are a small business start up and we feel very honored to be some of the first to receive their product. The hats are unisex and adjustable in the back. We love that each of the leather designs are crafted by hand and customizable to your ideas.

 Ric's customized hat portrays him to a T. His passion for skiing and being on the mountains is his happy place. And that molar tooth is extremely desirable among his other Dentist/Dental Student friends. ;)


How would you customize the hat to compliment that special man in your life? Gnarly Leather Co can help accomplish your vision! Place your order : HERE


Are you the type of gift giver who prefers to give (or receive) 'memories' or homemade gifts. Photos are the perfect way to capture that, and 'les-be honest' - allllll parents love photos of their kids!

Lana has been our family photographer for years as well as the photographer behind the blog; Two Sisters and a Story. Her talent is impeccable. I have always been 100% satisfied --- five star review! 

Lana is willing to offer FIVE of my followers a Father's Day Special, a 45 minute family session for $75 dollars off  her original booking price ($200 --> $125). In order to be a winner, you will need to fill out this CONTACT PAGE. It will be a first come first serve - so hurry, don't hesitate! 

Go ahead and surprise your dad by taking 'kid's photo's' or book an appointment for your whole family! 
I hope this guide helps you find that perfect gift - even if it's not used for Father's Day. ;)

Xx, M
Luxury Wooden Watch

Luxury Wooden Watch

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